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How to Massage People who have Dementia

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The pandemic has highlighted how many people are excluded within society. I have witnessed close-up how deeply this has impacted people’s mental health as they struggle to make ends meet & watch their physical health decline too. I learned of people who chose suicide as they saw no way out.

Having supported thousands of people over the years towards better & sustained health I wondered what more I could do to help people who feel excluded from my service.

I remembered an award-winning inspirational scheme which was set up by a therapist in Edinburgh who asked clients & members of her community to donate towards a massage for someone who could not afford it. It works a bit like a suspended coffee scheme.

I know times are really tight for some people, so whether you can afford £1, a whole treatment starting at £40 or a course of treatments to help numerous people, I am deeply grateful for your help.

As part of my commitment to this social scheme, I will donate a treatment for someone for FREE each month.

Please sponsor me to reach out to help more people who could not otherwise access my treatment. I will support more people with acute mental health issues, chronic pain & stress related problems.

Thank you for your support. It means a huge amount to me to be able to help more people especially as the new emerging pandemic is a mental health crisis.

And if you need to access a FREE or part-paid treatment, do get in touch, because we all need a bridge sometimes.

Look after each yourself, warm wishes, Nicolle

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Massage for Dementia

Massage and nurturing touch-based training approved at National Level with the CThA and FHT. The FHT presented Nicolle an award for Excellence in Practice: Innovation. This training provides specialist skills and opportunities to qualified therapists, as well as providing nurturing touch skills to dementia specialists and carers (professional and friends or family) who come into contact with people who live with dementia. In 2018, Nicolle also received an award and special mention at the Complementary Therapy Awards (CTA) for Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Nicolle believes a holistic, person centred, nurturing approach can pre-empt behaviours which we find challenging and, with a multi-faceted approach, lead to a more fulfilling life, as well as create a welcoming home and workplace.

As part of her belief in connecting people in her community Nicolle provides collaborative, bespoke services which unite people in improving connection, reducing isolation and enriching lives.

Combining reminiscence and validation with the power of positive touch Nicolle helps people build profound connections which enhance mental, emotional & social wellbeing. This in turn improves physical health.

In addition to dementia training courses Nicolle offers massage treatments in Cornwall and Sense and Season aromatherapy oil blends  mixed with reminiscence in mind.

Engaging with people on their terms through positive touch and with dignity.


A FREE webinar for parents, carers & guardians and anyone interested in how Touch can impact our mental health.
Grab a cuppa & join Jacqui Shankly & I as we chat about how positive touch nourishes our inner us throughout our life. We explore how we can suffer with “touch starvation” and how we can use touch in little doses across the day to fulfill basic human needs especially with our children. We reflect on how COVID19 has highlighted our need for meaningful touch in our lives & how we need to maximise creating those opportunities for loving touch day to day to help minimise those behaviours which we find tricky.
Simply sign up to this FREE pre-recorded webinar with some playful tips we can use to help develop healthy minds & bodies, healthy hearts & relationships – for life.
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The Little Massage Clinic

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About Nicolle Mitchell

My name is Nicolle Mitchell, & I have been a holistic massage therapist since 1998. I gradually built up my practice working with many clients, specialising in treating people with special needs & more latterly with people who have varying forms of dementia. I established LMC Training in 2009, derived from Little Massage Clinic (LMC) the name of my practice.

Although there are courses to help you learn how to massage people with special needs, I discovered that there were no courses specifically for teaching me how to massage people who had dementia.


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Margaret Atwood

Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth.

The Little Massage Clinic

Nicolle Mitchell I.T.E.C. Dip, MFHT
Holistic Massage Consultant and Trainer
FHT Excellence in Practice –
Innovation Award Winner


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