Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to the course?
  • A pen and paper
  • Three towels
  • Your own PPE (see “What should I wear” below)
  • Water bottle
  • A mug/cup for a cuppa
  • Lunch and snacks
    Although there are shops/cafes near most venues, it is advisable to bring a packed lunch and snacks as we only have 30 minutes for lunch break.

If you are having 1-1 training, you may wish to bring along someone to practice massage on for the afternoon, otherwise we will work together. It all depends on how you wish to work.

What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in, but probably not your best silks, as we may be practicing with oil. I encourage casual wear rather than uniforms as some people living with dementia associate uniform with authority and power, and I wish to take away barriers to create equality of regard.

We will also be wearing PPE in line with covid:

  • A mask unless you are exempt
  • Goggles or equivalent
  • An apron & gloves if you feel more comfortable working this way – although these items are not compulsory

You will be expected to provide all your own PPE

What is the course content?
Introductions – your passion and what you wish to gain from the day
What is dementia – a potted definition
Dementia and how it affects the brain – a whistle-stop tour of how dementia affects our brain
Understand the benefits of massage for people living with dementia so you can promote your service confidently
Legislation – how the law impacts on your practice and vulnerable adults
Consent and Touch – an exploration of a tricky subject
Trauma – the impact of how this may affect our clients with tips on how to calm and reassure safely
Client record cards, specialist contraindications, health and safety and contracts
Ergonomics – respect your body
Top Tools – no one size fits all. We explore ways to approach and communicate with compassion
Learn a practical repertoire of specialist massage moves with comfort of you and your client in mind
Reflection and feedback
How many CPD points do I earn?
You earn 1 CPD point per hour of training received if you are a member of the FHT, so 7 points for the 1day course and 12 points for the advanced 2 day course. Other professional associations will advise you on their policy regarding CPD allocation/awards.
What are the course times?
All Training is face to face and runs from 9am to 5pm with half an hour lunch & a break in the morning and afternoon.
I ask that students please avoid arriving at the venue more than 10 minutes before it is due to start. This allows me valuable preparation time to focus on preparing and making the day’s training the best it can be.
How do I pay?
Please go to the Courses page; click on the booking option you prefer & follow the instructions.
Full payment is required by the week before the course date. Sometimes there may still be
availability on the course by this time, so late bookings are always welcome.
You can pay by cheque, but please allow time for any payments to clear for at least 7 days
before the course is due to start.
If you wish to pay by bank transfer please get in touch for details.
I like to be able to encourage everyone to attend the course, so if you wish a personal
payment plan over a longer period can be arranged. Please feel free to contact me regarding
You will be expected to complete a booking form which gives me details so that I may
contact you as well as arrange for any special requirements you may need on the day of the course.
On-line courses may ask for payment via the booking platform.
What about cancellations?

Sometimes things go wrong and you may be unable to attend a course. If notification of cancellation is more than four weeks of the course date LMCT (LMC Training) will offer you a place on the next available course or refund you the full amount of the course minus a £50 administration fee.

If notification of cancellation is given less than 4 weeks of the course date then LMCT reserves the right to retain the full amount. However if LMCT is able to fill your place then you will be refunded the full amount minus a £50 administration fee.
Please note the administration fee is £100 for 1-1 courses.
This is due to the difficulty in booking work in for a whole day at short notice.
Failure to attend the course will not result in a refund.
I do not like to cancel courses but in the unlikely event that I have to cancel a course you will be offered a place on the next available course or your payment will be returned in full.
What about changing dates?
Sometimes the unforeseen/unwanted happens and if I need to cancel a course it will only be with very good reason. In this instance I will offer you an alternative or a full refund.
If you need to change the date, I will be happy to accommodate you, but would ask you to understand that this is a time consuming and costly process, which is why I charge a £50 administration fee to change the date for you.
What about accommodation?
When I travel I sometimes use this website:
What about equal ops?
I operate an inclusive policy where equal opportunities are provided & all learners are welcome. If you have special requirements I will do my best to accommodate you.
I  wish to assist student access to every course I run so there are options to pay by instalments.. Please see booking page. However, if you wish, please contact me for a more personal payment plan.
How many students are on each course?
Historically, courses have had up to 14 students attending. This ensures good quality training and 1-1 intervention to make sure you can confidently take away your new skills. However, smaller groups will run in line with COVID safety guidelines depending on the venue. Larger groups will be catered for & courses are adapted to suit your needs if & when it is safe to do so. See my consultancy page.
Cornwall courses run with a minimum of 2 students
Other Venues with a minimum of 4.
What happens after I book a course?
Once you have booked on a course, you will receive a welcome email with all the info you need on the venue, directions contact details, requirements etc.
You will be provided with a receipt for your records. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me.
What if I need to contact you after a course?
Part of my commitment to you is to ensure you practice confidently, competently and professionally.
Once the course is over, if you have a query, wish to share something, or would like to challenge anything, please feel free to contact me; I will do my best to help, listen and guide if you need a helping hand in your chosen direction. However, if your query becomes more involved it may be that we need to book a paid supervision session.
For ongoing sharing, information and tips, please feel free to follow me on Twitter.
Does this qualify me to practice massage?
If you are already a qualified bodywork therapist, this training will add to your portfolio as a therapist to massage professionally. If you are not a qualified bodywork therapist you cannot practice as a massage therapist …. BUT do not worry, you can still benefit hugely from attending, learning how to use focused, meaningful touch safely.
You will learn compassionate approaches, empowering legal stuff and I always ensure you take away some new specialist hands on skills so that you can weave nurturing touch into your daily work or care.
Can I attend a course a second time?

Yes, some attendees like to go away and consolidate their knowledge before returning to further boost their confidence  once they have more working practice. Others like to return for a refresher course and fulfill their CPD obligations.

If you attend the course a second time, you pay half the usual fee (this applies to group training only; this does not apply to privately organised training, and excepts half price 1-1 or 2-1 training). I am always tweaking & updating course content to keep it fresh. Repeat attenders feel they learn something new each time.

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