Massage for Dementia Training Course

In the Media

Here are some media items I have been involved in or produced on my specialist subjects.

Peace Process

A case study illustrating the start of a course of treatment for a client who has a more rare form of dementia caused by hydrocephalus. This case study also notes the essential oils used and why as well as exploring how to “hold space” as a therapist.

Peace of Mind

My 1st piece of national editorial which was published in International Therapist by The Federation of Holistic Therapists in July 2011 on massage & dementia. This explores how touch, time & communication can help improve the wellbeing of someone who lives with dementia.

What’s good for your heart is good for your head

A blog about the chemical relationship between body, mind and emotions, and the implications of disease, with a focus on dementia.

Massage for Dementia

Interview on local community radio broadcast October 3, 2014.

Because Feelings Matter Most

A piece I wrote for the Complementary Healthcare Information service UK which explores why touch is probably the most lasting sense we have and how we can use it as an appropriate medium for communication, expression and addressing a multitude of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical issues.

Chemistry at Work

An article I wrote about being involved in the local STEM project in Cornwall promoting that science is everywhere. I wanted to bring together the impact of art and science and how there are pathological pathways affected by inhaling essential oils; neurochemistry at its most fun! Here”s what a reader said: ā€œIā€™d just like to say I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the latest edition of International Therapist […] I also felt very inspired to read the article about introducing essential oils to schoolchildren within a Chemistry class. How creative, interactive and educational!ā€

Sign to Open Doors

A blog written in June 2014 about how having a total communication approach can open doors on many levels for you and your clients.

Dementia and how Massage can help Sufferers and Carers by Alison Walters

An article that demonstrates how therapists can make a practical difference by adding more understanding and putting some new tools in their box to use when needed when treating people who live with dementia.


Nicolle was recently shortlisted for an award and received a special mention for seeing the person behind an illness.