Success stories


Since joining you for your excellent course Massage for Dementia, I now work in 3 care homes on a weekly basis. I largely work with clients living with dementia or Alzheimer's, but also massage clients with life limiting conditions such as Parkinson's, MS, Paralysis following a stroke, as well as some end of life care.
I consider working with such vulnerable individuals a real privilege and continue to be completely blown away by the comfort, peace and calm that caring touch massage can bring. When dementia steals away the vital interaction of close family and friends, it is a joy to bring a little comfort into their world through massage.
Thank you for helping me and inspiring me on my massage journey.

Lisa Tilley, Warwick

Feedback on my one to one training

From my personal standpoint my training day with yourself was very powerful, I’ve never felt that before through training and I can’t express that enough.
It was professional, knowledgeable,  humane, compassionate and emotional.
You have given me a great understanding & invaluable knowledge that I will deliver in my therapy and in life.
Thank you.
Vicky, Massage Practitioner, Suffolk

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course here today and it has been like a door opening & making a connection .... Thank you!

Charlotte Rae, Therapist

I have been looking for someone that could deliver an amazing massage. You are absolutely fantastic, knowing exactly what I need. Thank you!

Melanie Heap, Holistic Therapist, Leeds

Presentations and talks

Nicolle spoke at our Talk Dementia event in the week of Dementia Action week.  The topic of the use of massage in dementia would have been new to the majority of the attendees.  The talk was aimed at the right level, the presentation especially a youtube video Nicolle showed was extremely moving, but also thought provoking.  The presentation had different techniques to meet all the different types of learning styles we have.  It was interesting, gave us ideas we could use in every day practice and made us all compelled to learn more about the subject.

Jodie Ley,MSc Dementia Studies / Queen's Nurse , Clinical Lead for Complex Care and Dementia Liaison Services, Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Complex Care and Dementia Psychiatric Liaison

Feedback on my training days

Wow! this course has surpassed all that I thought it would be. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of dementia & experiences of walking with people with dementia.

Sue Hocking, Butterfly

Accessible & professional, very fresh & engaging. Responded sensitively to questions & to the energy of the group. It has been a really enjoyable & inspiring day.

Clare, Massage Therapist, Active Lightworks, Brighton

The comfortable space, calming music and tea combined with a great model of care and very professional therapists – makes each visit a great experience and has helped me begin to feel better.

Janette Hall, Massage Practitioner and Nurse, London

A very thorough, insightful guide into the world of someone living with dementia, relevant and extremely valuable to anyone who has contact with people with the condition whether they work with massage or not.

Sarah Bailie, Sports Massage Therapist, Hayle, Cornwall

Feedback from students

Hi Nicole

I hope you and your family are well and have escaped Covid.

I just wanted to let you know that I had the occasion to use my dementia massage skills.

My aunt who I was caring for became unwell at the beginning of November, she was admitted to hospital and I was not allowed to visit, after 2 weeks I was called in as she was at end of life. Although my aunt did not have dementia, by the time I was called in she was very distressed and agitated, straight away I started hand massage and sang songs to her, she became very relaxed when I did the wiping away tears technique, although she was not conscious I’m sure that she was aware it was me, I was just happy I could ease her agitation in her last few hours.

Thank you Nicole for your wise teachings.

Karen King, Nurse "Thank you for wearing your mask to the centre."

Wonderful, informative day. Great resources and mix of theory/practical worked well. Everything covered to ensure a full & thoroughly enjoyable day. Great enthusiasm & love for work shined through. Can't think of anything to improve. Thank you very much.

Bridget Prusik, Complementary Therapist, St Austell

I attended the massage training course in Blantyre. Here is my feedback I wonder if you remember that I had spoken with you about the course title? While I wasn’t suggesting you change the name, I explained that when I read the title I thought the course would have no relevance for me. However, when I got there, what you said and how you said it was so meaningful for me in many ways. I trained as a person centred counsellor and am absolutely on the same page as you regarding  our approach to people during work or in fact just generally. It seemed to me that there was a whole load of folks out there who aren’t therapists that may benefit from hearing you speak.

Keep doing what you do in your beautifully person centred way.

Karen Hendry, client support worker, The Haven, Wishaw

Feedback from seminars

I attended the lectures/workshops in relation to dementia to assist me with my mum. And certainly Nicolle Mitchell absolutely delivered. Her extensive knowledge & delivery of these courses/workshops both prepared & assisted me to combat any situations I may encounter.

Brilliant - realistic to the problems of dementia - I feel inspired to do more and find out more. Made it a more positive experience.

Explained well, friendly and informative. Learnt new massage technique (Massaging People Who Have Dementia) I like Nicolle's sense of humour and down to earth approach. We did a good routine to be used with clients. I would like to learn more.

Nicolle's sense of humour lightened the topic and made good points which I could use in my practice and family. Very good information.

Feedback from workshop and seminar, FHT Congress, Nottingham, July 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. It was excellent. The presenter was extremely knowledgable and the content and delivery was comprehensive and well placed. Was the best seminar I have attended. It was the main reason for my visit to the show and it did not disappoint and I hope to attend training with Nicole in September.

Feedback from seminars, FHT, Holistic Health Show, NEC Birmingham, May '16: